Clients have said :

I was going through a really low phase of my life, with my mind & body feeling very weak. I started my life coaching Sessions with Taanya mam on Zoom , as a defeated victim and ended as a stronger individual with a new awareness of my own " personal power " .I learnt that we all have a " choice" and can either choose to stay as victims or choose to rise above our challenges and take charge over ourselves & our lives " It was holistic healing in its true sense ! I especially enjoyed the Hypnotherapy and NLP Sessions to overcome my fears" In Gratitude .

- Imtiyaz Ali ( Journalist, Dubai)

" The zoom video sessions with Taanya Nagi were as good as live sessions. Therapy was done in the comfort of my own room. Taanya mam was very punctual, attentive & empathetic and helped me explore my options regarding my confusions and helped me reach a decisive solution for myself. Mindfulness & Relaxation sessions have equipped me in regulating my emotions by myself. It was an experiential learning that I can now use on myself. Taanya mam teaches her clients to be emotionally independent adults. This learning will stay with me and guide me throughout my life. I feel happier and more empowered after the sessions ."

- Tim Jonas ( Asst. Movie Director , Australia)

“ Good experience ! Taanya Nagi was very attentive and genuine. Polite understanding and makes you feel at ease. Pursues holistic healing with interdisciplinary approach. Provides for good amalgamation of old world values with proper blend of adapting to new challenges to keep in sync with modern times. Had a great telecounselling session with Taanya Nagi... in present scenario of lockdown. Was like a breath of fresh air and ad good as direct face to face interaction. Very knowledgeable and experienced lady with professional approach which helped in opening my mind to new perspectives.”

- Aditi Chopra ( Makeup Artist, India)

“ I know I would not have made it this year if it hadn't been for your help.It is not often that you meet a person who truly cares and goes the extra mile selflessly. Thank you ma'am for helping me come out of my own shell , hearing me , understanding me and helping me focus on my goal making me feel empowered and positive from within. Your sessions made me realise that it is possible for me to do everything i want in life . You helped me take control over my own life. The lesson of holistic healing of mind , body and soul is what i am going to carry throughout my life.”

- Anubhuti ( Asst.Commissioner Customs, India )