Reiki Therapy classes

Reiki Therapy and classes in Dubai

Reiki is a powerful healing technique that has its origin in Japan. The Reiki uses the universal energy to cure several physical, mental and emotional problems without the use of drugs or medication. The therapy is provided by the Reiki master through the use of hands over the body of the receiver. The universal energy is channeled through the hands of the master to bring the desired results in the body of the receiver. The Reiki is one of the effective techniques to bring relaxation and a reduction in stress levels in the person who is receiving the therapy.

Through the movement of hands, the master clears the negative energy and increases the life force energy to clear the mental and emotional pollutants that are causing problems. These pollutants can be emotions, like anger, frustration, depression, unworthiness, guilt, insecurity, resentment, etc. The smooth flow of energy throughout the human body makes life smooth. On the other hand, any disturbance in the free flow of energy in the human body leads to emotional and psychological problems.

The Reiki is made of two words, ‘REI’ meaning higher wisdom, and ‘KI ‘energy or life force and when these two letters are joined, the word REIKImeans ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. Our body is not just a physical body; it is a combination of physical body and thinking or spiritual being. The Reiki works holistically on both emotional and physical levels. It helps the ‘you’ to shine. The Reiki Master provides both Reiki therapy and classes in Dubai for professionals, businessman and businesswoman,students, traders and housewives and seniors. It is the safest method of the healing energy. It is increasingly being used in post-surgery procedures in many leading hospitals, in addition to its use curing many mental, emotional and psychological issues.

How Reiki Works –

Reiki stimulates the energy to move freely in the human body. The Reiki therapy removes the blockages in the free flow of the energy. It does not involve any kind of manipulation in the flow of energy in the body. The therapy removes the pollutants that prevent the flow of energy to bring the desired result.

Reiki classes are provided to help individuals learn the basic Reiki techniques. The Reiki is not taught, rather, it is transmitted from the master to the student in the classes. The students undergo an ‘Attunement ‘through the Reiki therapy and classes in Dubai, which helps a student or receiver to feel and transmit the energy. The Reiki classes are for everyone who wants to gain knowledge of the Reiki for self-treatment or for treating others. All three levels, 1, 11 and 111 degrees are imparted through the classes. There is no need for previous knowledge and experience to take part in classes. The master level degree 111 is necessary for those who want to treat others.