Online Psychologist in Dubai

Falling out of love? Is your relationship doomed or you just need relationship counselling? Relationships mostly tend to lose their charm over time. There are a lot of issues that couples need to deal with once they are done with the fairytale phase. Falling out of a relationship often feels like the death of a part that was once illuminated. But not every relationship that feels like wearing out needs to end. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Even the relationships that seemed to be irreconcilable have stood the test of time through proper counselling. More and more couples need to opt for an Online Psychologist if they want to survive the raging storms that almost every couple is subjected to.

Some reasons that act as a hindrance to happy relationships and can be fought through counselling:

1. Lack of communication: Communication is the foundation of every strong relationship. With time, couples often fall apart and tend to communicate less. This results in invisible walls that if not removed through proper counselling can always take the wrong route.

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