Holistic Healing in Dubai

The holistic healing takes care of all three aspects of the human being, mind, body, and spirit. The word holistic derives its origin from the ancient Greek word, ‘holos’, meaning the whole. The term holism was introduced in 1926 by Jan Christian Smuts. In the holistic treatment, all three aspects of the human being are given due consideration for the wellbeing of the person.

All these aspects are inextricably connected and a dynamic balance between three is an essential component of a real well being of the human being. Any imbalance in one leads to the imbalance in two others and manifests in the form of a disease. The holistic healing views the person receiving the treatment in totality as a human being, in the context of the surroundings, which ensures that the holistic healing is based on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need of the person.

The fundamental philosophy underlying the holistic healing of Taanya Negi is that the natural healing system of the person when strengthened has the potential to heal itself and prevent the diseases. The role of the holistic healer is to be a human catalyst and encourage or stimulate the remarkable innate capacities of the human body to heal it.

The essential components of the holistic healing are :-

« The therapy removes the emotional blocks that prevent the person to receive and give from the heart ,and experience greater emotional freedom for expressing true self,
« The healing is customized according to the need of the client,
« The client feels the changes at the deepest emotional level, which ensures that the healing is lasting.
« The sessions are short and long terms conducted at the pace of the client absorption, and
« The tools are provided to the client to help in self-healing and

The services offered from Taanya Negi range from counselling, to Reiki and Pranic healing, magnified healing, meditation, clinical hypnotherapy and past life therapy to divine oracle card readings

Taanya Negi offers a range of services from individual counselling to on-going meditation, personal growth groups, short-term workshop and courses. The healing is provided by the healer who is a post graduate in psychology, certified Reiki 2 Master, member of the Australian holistic healer association, certified advanced Pranic healer and clinic Hypnotherapist.