Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling psychologist in Dubai

The Counselling psychologist in Dubai understands that clients are coming for therapy to seek positive changes in their lives and relationships in a supportive environment. The expert of the centre helps those who are ready to explore, redesign, change, and rebuild their lives and get the greater experience from the therapy.

The counseling and psychotherapy centre helps individual, families, groups and adults deal with comprehensive mental, emotional and physical problems without the use of medicines and drugs. The centre through the services of a qualified and certified healer empowers the client to realize the full potential.

The counseling services are provided to help the client resolve personal problems, business problems, professional issues, relationship issues, marital issues as well as learn new and adaptive ways of thinking and living a life.

Counselling Psychologist in Dubai

The Counselling psychologist provides the following results:-

« Give insight and understanding of the self for greater self-awareness
« Help clients to garner the resource and resolve the problems
« Increases the capacity to control one and urges,
« Leads to the development of new skills and abilities,
« Improvement in relations with family members, colleagues, and partner, and
« Makes amends for past negative actions

The services of the top Counselling psychologist in Dubai help a client get out of the helpless situation. The services are provided through a series of steps. The cognitive and behavioral therapy is implemented to understand how a client thinks and behaves. The psychotherapist also understands with the help of psychoanalytic services how the past actions are affecting the present life of a client.

The holistic counseling service from the best Counselling psychologist in Dubai not only include traditional counseling skills ,but also contemporary skills such as Reiki, Meditation, Pranic healing, Magnified healing, Hypnotherapy and past life therapy.

The sessions are conducted in the total privacy and all information and details provided in the discussions to the counselor are used in the therapy. This is the business policy of the Counselling psychologist that no part of the discussions will be shared with a third party. The services in the soothing and relaxed ambience help clients to talk and share all details without any inhibition and hesitation. The services are provided through sessions and each session moves the client towards solutions. The client finds it easy to develop the means to solve the issues and move with the daily life with new enthusiasm and energy.