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If you are looking for a change, emotional support, personal growth, empowerment and some tools to start living your Greater potential, then you will certainly find something here to help.


     So, what does "Holistic" mean ?


The word "Holistic" means that the three aspects of the self, mind, body and spirit are are interconnected. An imbalance in one often leads to imbalance in the other two and if not healed in time, manifests in the form of disease. The Holistic Healing Centre is based on this philosophy and offers various Holistic therapies, classes and workshops to provide loving support and guidance on an emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual level.

The "holistic" difference lies in the philosophy behind daily living:

Choosing a lifestyle that is supportive to all aspects of self. Seeking and following your life purpose and choosing to make loving intention the basis of everything you do.

What is Holistic Living Therapy ?

Holistic Living therapy provides a range of modalities and services to support the whole person. Mind, Body, Spirit and importantly the heart.
This therapy aims at clearing away emotional blocks that prevent the individual from fully giving and receiving from the heart. As this occurs, the client can experience greater emotional freedom to be the person they really are –to express their true and whole self.
A holistic living therapist is more than just a facilitator that observes from the outside. We have undertaken our own healing journey and live the holistic principle in our own everyday lives. Seeking to be aware, compassionate, and practicing what we preach! We continue our growth by practicing the belief that each client that we meet is a reflection of ourselves. Hence each client allows us to reflect on our own growth and how WE are dealing with the presenting issues in our own life. This wonderful mirroring is evident in all our lives. It’s called “circulating energy”, and each person you meet provides a precious opportunity for growth and reflection.
This is possible in Holistic Living Therapy because we really do connect with our clients from the heart. You will feel this the moment you walk in the room. It’s in our energy and the way we live. This allows true empathy, love and support to flow.
Of course, we haven’t experienced everything and nor can we ever truly know how you feel, but we have done the work and continue to improve and heal our own lives. This experience is real and relevant.
We want for you what you want for you - to live life at your full potential. We are here to assist you in clearing away the cobwebs and make room for the dreams and wishes you truly know you deserve.
The Holistic Counsellor combines the Traditional Counselling Techniques ( CBT, REBT, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Assertiveness Training, Systematic Desensitization etc) along with Holistic Mind Body Processes , Mindfulness meditations, Creative Visualisations and other New Age Healing Modalities to treat the whole person.
Healing is tailored to the client and change occurs on a deep emotional level. Hence healing is lasting. The sessions are short term or long term depending on the client’s needs, with no obligations, just go at your own pace. Once you have the tools, you take responsibility for your own healing and growth. We help you heal yourself!
Holistic Healing Centre offers a range of Holistic services from Individual Counselling to ongoing meditation and personal growth groups to short term workshops and courses.
Please browse through and enjoy the site. Any feedback, links or enquiries are most welcome. You are welcome to contact us for further information

Enjoy your stay & Happy Living !  

Taanya Nagi
Holistic Living Counsellor & Healer